The Tour Before Climbathon 2013

18 October 2013
Kundasang Tour

The flight was slightly delayed, when we touched down in Kota kinabalu, the owner of     sewakeretasabah was waiting for us. Before depart we have already booked Proton Saga for 3 days, but one day before departure, we was informed that Proton is not available, and will be replaced with Toyota Avanza at no extra charge. The car was only a few months old, with the odour of a brand new car still linggering when we entered the car. Without a doubt, a very good and honest customer service, we will rent again whenever we visit Sabah, insyaallah.


Travel time from airport to Kundasang is about 2.5 hours.

Dewan Kinabalu, Climbathon 2013.jpg

The excitement of collecting the race pack at Kinabalu Park

Kinabalu Cabin Rose.jpg

We stayed at Kinabalu Rose Cabin, great views but basic amenities. A wet carpet odour greeted us in the passageway. Stained toilet seat, The room that we had, has a heater problem. The temperature cannot be adjusted, very hot. We use a pail to mix the water :-(.

  • Pesta Kubis

The food are rather expensive in Kundasang town and limited choice eg Nasi goreng kampong is RM7, it cost RM5 at Ranau. Hence, the car is a necessity. Taxis are rare and the fares are not negotiable, take it or leave it. At Kundasang town, to coincide with Climbathon, a cabbage festival (Pesta Kubis) was held. Bought the local honey and Rosales .

Pesta Kubis, Kundasang.jpg

Pesta Kubis, Kundasang.jpg

Must try, fried potatoes wedges Kundasang style.

Pesta Kubis, Kundasang.jpg

Pesta Kubis, Kundasang.jpg

Desa Dairy Farm

Desa dairy farm was next in the itinerary. I found Little New Zealand in Kundasang!

Desa Dairy Farm.jpg

Where ever we go, we will take the opportunity to pray at the local masjid, masjid jamek Kundasang. It has an amazing view of Mount Kinabalu. An Arab prince donated RM500,000 for the building of the mosque and it was completed in 1988.

Masjid Jamek Kundasang .jpg

Masjid Jamek Kundasang.jpg

Great view from Masjid Kundasang

Other Masjid that we visited are

Masjid al-Kauthar Kg Lohan

Masjid al-Kauthar Kg Lohan

Masjid ar-Rahman Pekan Ranau

Masjid ar-Rahman Pekan Ranau

Rafflesia and Porring Hot Spring

Next stop, to see the rare Rafflesia flower. Our previous visit to Kinabalu, we missed the blooming season. Rafflesia bloom twice a year and it blooms for 4 days only. This trip we were lucky. We paid RM10 per pax to a villager to bring us to see the flower. Rafflesia is a wild flower, so got to track in the jungle for 20min just to see the Rafflesia. Local name is Patma Raksasa.




The bud

2nd stop poring hot spring. Within the park, exist 2 waterfalls, bat cave, butterfly park and canopy walk. It is worth to stop by. We intend to go to langanan waterfall but it was 3.7km away. The langanan waterfall can be seen from the main road. As the event climbathon is just the next day, tracking to Langanan Waterfall is out of the question.

Poring Hot Spring.jpg

Canopy Walk, Ranau.jpg (Canopy Walk)

Kepunyit Waterfall.jpg (Kepunyit Waterfall)

Gua Kelawar, Bat Cave Ranau.jpg (Gua Kelawar / Bat Cave)

We visited the Sabah Tea plantation which is the only organic tea farm in Borneo. I like the 3 in 1 Sabah teh tarik. My husband bought Sabah tea mix with tongkat ali.

Sabah Tea Garden.jpg
Nearby, there is a Historical War Memorial for death march. The Australian pow marched during World War 2, from Sandakan to Kundasang , more than 200km.

Sabah Tea Garden War Memorial.jpg
After almost a full day of trekking, we went back to Rose Cabin to get a good rest for the next day Race.  Read our next post on the Kinabalu Climbathon.


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